Chef Paulo Matias

“…Olive oil contains everything that other oils don’t have and it is for this reason that I use it in 90% of my creations.”

Working now in PSM - Porto de Santa Maria - restaurants group, after being in the Hotel SANA Lisbon Excellence Hotel as the Executive Chef, expertise in restaurant, catering and recipes.

Working as a Chef Consultor in several restaurants.

Doing several services in catering and banquettes.

Oven consultor, and gastronomic photo modelling.

Expertise in big food productions, in food industry, knowledge of pasteurization and freezing on large and small scale.

Giving support to companies to develop new products in the area of food production, photo modelling and FOOD Styling.

High level in HACCP.

Always trying to learn different styles of cuisine and techniques.

Training in coaching and team leadership by the company Proud Food Consulting. More than being a Chef, I love to cook, and create new recipes.

Cooking, more than anything, is a passion.

Chef Miguel Reino

…”Whether for salads, cooking or grilling, these olive oils don´t alter the aroma or taste, but at optimum temperatures give a perfume that enhances the natural flavours of the foods.”

Between Portugal and Brazil, there have been many places where Chef Miguel Reino left his mark.

He had his first adventure in the kitchen at the age of 16, in his uncle’s restaurant. In the early 80s he was in Rio de Janeiro, after having worked in mining, he decided to become a Chef and started college. At the time, he started as a trainee with a few well-known chefs, such as Gaston Lenôtre and Alain Jacob, after that he decided to go out on his own. He opened his first restaurant in Búzios, on the coastline of Rio de Janeiro, by the name of Adamastor and started his journey of discoveries and re-inventing himself as a Chef.

Back in Portugal in the late 80s he opened a new restaurant Flor da Várzea in Sintra with his brother Gigi, followed by his own creperie Só Crepes, the restaurant Picanha

 in Lisbon, serving only the well-known Brazilian beef, and finally the famous beach restaurant Aqui Há Peixe in the beautiful west coast beach Praia do Pego.

His instinct for looking and finding new challenges led him, thirteen years later, to move to Lisbon. Miguel settled himself in Chiado, one of the most remarkable neighbourhoods of the capital, in a restaurant of the same name, Aqui Há Peixe, in honour of the magnificent 65km of wild coast of Praia do Pego.

He has shown a growing maturity and excellence in his cooking, keeping simplicity as the main secret, and gives tourists and Portuguese people the best there is. The fish.

Angelo Sala - Handmade Ice Cream

“…And with Ourogal olive oil, above all, the combination worked very well. The fusion of these two traditional products is complementary, each enhancing the others natural flavours.”

Angelo Sala brings to life the 12 flavours of ice cream and sorbets, made in a traditional way, without any use of flavourings, additives, dyes or preservatives. All ice creams are gluten-free and fruit ice-cream contains no lactose.

We can see Angelo Sala roasting the almonds and hazelnuts, burning the sugar to the caramel, from the fresh eggs, squeezing the lemons and pineapples, cleaning the strawberries' feet, crushing the vanilla pods in the mortar, to make the tapas. And everything that involves the manufacture of this truly homemade ice cream. In addition to the classic cones and glasses, you can also enjoy the famous spaghetti - a kind of ice cream with Bolognese.

La Fabbrica is Angelo Sala’s ice cream parlour, a family business, filled with tradition and history. Angelo uses the same recipes that his grandfather brought from Italy in 1933 (the year in which he founded A Veneziana and his factory in Avenida de Berna, in Lisbon).